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Welcome to Finelle®! Dive into our programs tailored exclusively for travel professionals seeking to elevate their expertise. Explore a curated selection of cutting-edge programs designed to enhance your skills, including our Certified Traveler Wellbeing Travel Advisor program, providing you with the knowledge and certification to navigate the evolving landscape of travel with a focus on health and safety. There is always something for everyone. Star today by downloading our FREE Guide to Giving the Gift of Travel and Wellness!

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Certified Traveler Wellbeing Travel Advisor

This unique program empowers travel professionals with expertise in health-conscious travel, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Upon completion of this certification program, you will achieve:

  • Expertise in Wellbeing Integration: Join our Affiliate Program, incorporate traveler wellbeing into your services and position yourself as an expert in providing health-conscious travel experiences before, during and after travel.
  • Client Confidence and Trust: Achieving the title of Certified Traveler Wellbeing Travel Advisor instills confidence in clients, assuring them of your commitment to safety, wellness and health standards, resulting in increased client trust and loyalty.
  • ​Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the industry with a prestigious certification, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and setting yourself apart from competitors. This credential opens doors to new opportunities and reinforces your position as a leader in the evolving travel landscape where anybody can book travel, but not everyone can become certified!
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The Business of Traveler Wellbeing For Travel Advisors

Through strategic insights and practical knowledge, you will enhance your advisory capabilities, ensuring that you thrive in meeting the evolving needs of modern travelers.

At the end of this self-study online course, you will achieve:

  • Enhanced Advisory Skills: Equip yourself with advanced advisory skills, enabling you to expertly navigate the intersection of travel and wellbeing for your clients.
  • Strategic Business Transformation: Gain insights and strategies to transform your travel agency business by prioritizing traveler wellbeing, leading to increased client satisfaction and differentiation in the competitive travel industry.
  • ​Accelerated Revenue Growth: Join our affiliate program, the powerful avenue to boost revenue even faster, tapping into a network of opportunities that extends beyond traditional channels, even if your clients just got back home!
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Become Your Own PR Manager

Enhance your brand visibility, build positive relationships with the public, and ultimately drive business growth without spending a penny on PR

During this program, we'll show you:

  • ​Media Mastery: Learn from Edyta Satchell, America's Travel Wellness Expert, renowned for over 40 TV interviews, who never paid for PR, and acquire skills to secure media coverage independently, elevating your profile in the industry.
  • Cost Effective Brand Building: Discover proven strategies to become your own PR agent without spending a penny, allowing you to build and enhance your brand presence effectively, all while optimizing resources for maximum impact.
  • ​Expert Positioning: Position yourself as an industry expert, utilizing Edyta Satchell's expertise to navigate media opportunities and establish authority in the competitive travel landscape while gaining more visibility and clients.



10 Dimensions Of Wellness

Your 10-Week Path to Personal Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey with our 10-week online self-study program, "10 Dimensions of Wellness." Designed to empower individuals seeking personal excellence and wellbeing, this program offers a comprehensive exploration of key dimensions in your life​


Holistic Self-Discovery

  • ​Uncover the depths of your emotional, physical, financial, nutritional, travel, beauty, intellectual, spiritual, social, and career wellness
  • Gain profound insights into each dimension, fostering holistic self-discovery

Practical Implementation

  • ​Apply knowledge through engaging video tutorials, assignments, and guides
  • Implement practical strategies with templates that streamline your journey

Customized Learning Path

  • ​Tailor your experience by cherry-picking specific courses aligned with your personal goals
  • ​Enjoy the flexibility to focus on the dimensions that matter most to you
10 Dimensions of Wellness Personal development program by Edyta Satchell

Confidence and Empowerment

  • Cultivate confidence through all of the Dimensions of Wellness, discovering the secrets to beauty, confidence, productivity and success in all areas of your life
  • ​Enjoy the life tools, knowledge, and habits to sutain your wellbing journey

Life-Long Wellness Practices

  • Acquire life-long wellness practices across diverse dimensions
  • Achieve a holistic transformation, personalized growth, and a newfound sense of purpose and emerge as the best version of yourself


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Beauty And The Travel Beast Book

Your Go-To Guide for Health and Vibrance Before, During, and After Every Travel!

  • Discover over 20 secrets to looking and feeling 10 years younger when you travel.
  • Eliminate the Ugly Truth about travel: bad breath, frequent gas, fatigue, excess body weight, puffiness, aging and other things no one want to talk about.
  • ​Create your own Youthfulness Itinerary for every trip you take... it is NOT what you think!
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