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Unleash Your Travel Glow-Up With

The Ultimate Traveler Wellness Assessment

and elevate every trip you take, be it business or leisure!

Dear Friends,

Are you ready for a journey that goes beyond the miles? Brace yourself for the Traveler Wellness Assessment – your ticket to a more vibrant, energized you!

I'd like to invites you to grade your wellness in 10 dimensions of traveler wellbeing on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is max).
Here are the dimensions:

1. Emotional Wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
2. Career Wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
3. Physical Wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
4. Nutrition during travel. Your score is:
5. Beauty & Vitality during travel. Your score is:
6. Intellectual wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
7. Social wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
8. Financial wellbeing during travel. Your score is:
9. Travel readiness. Your score is:
10. Pre/during/post-travel wellbeing. Your score is:

Now, sum it up. What is your total score? enter your traveler wellness score in the field on the right hand side, and voilà!

I'm not providing any instructions, any descriptions of any kind, yet! I want you to put in writing the first score that comes to your mind. 

Submit your total score and I will send you my Travel Wellness Assessment guide so that you can dive into each dimension and check your score again!

But wait, there's more! Claim your free 30-minute strategy call with me! Let's plot a course for your individual traveler well-being, turning every trip into a glow-up adventure.

My goal is to help you to get ready to redefine your travel experience!


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