March 26th, 8pm EST

Unlock Stress-Free Travel with Top 10 Smart Packing Strategies 

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Masterclasses Schedule 

MAR 26th, 2024, 8pm EST: Unlock Stress-Free Travel with Top 10 Smart Packing Strategies
APR 2024: Beauty routines during travel
MAY 2024: Health and wellness before, during, after travel
JUN 2024: Travel smart as a cancer survivor 
JUL 2024: All you need to know and do BEFORE your travel 

Previous Masterclasses

January 25th 2024 8pm EST: Tips for smart spend on vacation and travel like a pro 

December 12th 2023 8pm EST: Give the gift of travel and wellbeing 

November 20th 2023 8pm EST: Thanksgiving travel do's and don'ts

October 24th 2023 8pm EST: Emotional wellbeing at home and during travel 

September 20th 2023 8pm EST: Three Tips to get ready for travel emergencies 

August 31st 2023 8pm EST: Three Must-follow tips to get ready for your next trip 

How to get ready to the masterclass

- Set your alarm 10 mins prior to the call
- Move to a quiet space so that you are free of interruption for the next 60 mins
- Prepare your notebook and a pen
- Prepare your questions 
- Be ready for new and eye-opening educational sessions 


Hi, I'm Edyta!
I'd like to invite you to this unique Masterclass series that you won't find anywhere else because I know more about you than you think...
I know you're a busy, health oriented traveler who wants to enjoy travel without stress and anxiety, body pains, overthinking and eliminate the ugly truth about travel have. You also have an amazing travel advisor who is looking after you and your loved ones!

Do you think you know it all about travel? Really? Think again! I used to think it too and yet I packed the same beauty bag at every single trip... as a matter of fact I never took it out of my suitcase and now I know it is a huge no no!

If you need help to be healthy and well when you travel and especially when you think you know it all, you need to attend these Masterclasses. BUT, you need to hurry. I am very much into a very personal touch and this webinar is only for a limit number of special people who really want to be healthy and well, travel smart and look 10 years yournger when they travel!

So, if you are that special person, please register now and it will be my honor to personally support you!
I hope to see you there!
Ah, yes, one more thing... here is why you should trust me:

My credibility: I was where you are now and I know how it feels (20 years of executive frequent travel with sickness, 30 pounds overweight, exhaustion, headaches, and feeling lonely and miserable)
My authority: I'm a Certified Health Coach who created bulletproof wellness programs for travelers. I gave over 40 TV interviews and I travel the world to educate on health and wellness, check my interviews now!


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