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Master Partnerships, Boost Sales, and Attract Travelers Year-Round 

Transform Your Spa Into a Travel Destination: Unleash Profits With The Travel Industry Confidence Program!

Unlock New Revenue Streams: Turn Your Spa into a Must-Visit Tourist Hotspot

Elevate your spa salon's success with "The Travel Industry Confidence Kit". You will master how to build strategic partnerships with travel stakeholders, tap into lucrative travel markets, and triple your sales by attracting inbound and outbound tourists. Learn to cater to traveling groups and transform your spa into a sought-after destination year-round!

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Two Program Options, One Goal:
Transform Your Spa Into a Top Tourist Destination Before, During, and After Travel!

Travel Industry Confidence Self-Study Online Program

Travel Industry Confidence 12-Month Group Coaching Program


  • Online course 4 hours / 14 modules (reg. price $675)
  • 1 Business coaching session 1:1 (reg. price $250)
  • Access to Edyta via email (priceless)
  • Access to Finelle Fab private Facebook group with travelers your prospective clients (priceless)
  • BONUS: 12 Monthly group coaching business masterclasses (reg. price $1,200)

Payment options:
Pay 1 time in full and save
3 payments of $189
6 payments of $110

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  • Online course 4 hours / 14 modules (reg. price $675)
  • 2 Business coaching sessions 1:1 (reg. price $500)
  • 10 Weekly group coaching masterclasses (reg. price $1,000) 
  • 12 Monthly group coaching business masterclasses (reg. price $1,200)​
  • Affiliate Program (priceless as you earn money)
  • Access to the Wellness Knowledge Vault (reg. price $997)
  • Access to Edyta via emails and on calls (priceless)​ 
  • 12 month featured on Finelle.com (reg. price $1,200)
  • Access to Finelle Fab private Facebook group with travelers your prospective clients (priceless)

Payment options:
​Pay 1 time in full and save
3 payments of $189
​6 payments of $110

WHAT You Will Learn?

  • 1. In-Depth Understanding of Travel and Travelers
  • Delve into the dynamics of the travel industry and the diverse profiles of travelers. Learn about their expectations, preferences, and pain points
  • Benefits: Equip your spa with the knowledge to tailor services specifically for travelers, enhancing their experience and ensuring your spa becomes their go-to destination. This understanding helps you create bespoke packages that cater to tourists’ unique needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • 2. Forge Powerful Relationships with Key Stakeholders
  • Discover how to connect and collaborate with travel agents, travel suppliers, travel management corporations, and travel trade companies. Learn the intricacies of each role and how they can help drive traffic to your spa
  • Benefits: By building strategic partnerships, you gain access to a steady stream of tourists who are directed to your spa. These alliances can lead to increased bookings, higher foot traffic, and an expanded customer base, ultimately driving up your revenue and market presence
  • 3. Expertise in Travel-Related Health and Wellness
  • Explore common travel-related illnesses and understand why travelers often get sick. Explore the health challenges faced by frequent travelers and how your spa can offer solutions
  • Benefits: Position your spa as a sanctuary for travelers looking to recuperate and rejuvenate. By offering targeted wellness treatments, you can attract health-conscious tourists who value specialized care, thus boosting your spa’s reputation as a trusted wellness destination
  • 4. Strategies for Reducing Travel Contamination Risks
  • Identify potential contamination zones travelers encounter on airplanes, airports, and hotels. Learn how to help your clients reduce exposure to health risks during travel
  • Benefits: Offer services and products designed to minimize health risks for travelers, such as detox treatments and immune-boosting therapies. This not only enhances your spa’s appeal but also helps build a loyal clientele who appreciate the added focus on their well-being
  • 5. Effective Sales, Marketing, and Social Media Strategies 
  • Learn how to create and implement powerful sales and marketing strategies tailored to the travel industry. Discover how to use social media to build partnerships and promote your spa to a wider audience
  • Benefits: Increase your spa’s visibility and appeal to a global audience. By leveraging these strategies, you can attract more tourists, drive more bookings, and create a buzz around your spa that sets you apart from competitors
  • 6. Train Your Team to Maximize Partnerships and Sales
  • Develop comprehensive training programs for your staff that focus on partnering with travel industry stakeholders. Teach your team how to effectively communicate and collaborate with these partners
  • Benefits: Ensure your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle the unique needs of travelers and travel partners. A well-trained team enhances the overall customer experience, fosters positive relationships with stakeholders, and contributes to a consistent increase in sales and client satisfaction
  • 7. Acquire New Skills for Year-Round Sales Growth
  • Gain valuable knowledge and skills to boost your spa's sales throughout the year, not just during peak tourist seasons. Learn how to create year-round demand by tapping into various travel markets and leveraging off-peak opportunities
  • Benefits: Sustain steady growth and increase profitability by attracting travelers during all seasons. With these skills, you can transform your spa into a consistent revenue generator, reducing dependence on seasonal fluctuations and ensuring long-term business success
  • 8. Understanding Aircraft Types for Better Service Provision
  • Gain knowledge about various aircraft types and the common discomforts associated with flying. Understand the specific needs of travelers during long-haul flights
  • Benefits: Develop and promote products and services that address common travel discomforts, such as jet lag relief kits or in-flight comfort packs. By addressing these specific needs, you can significantly enhance the travel experience for your clients, making your spa an essential stop for frequent flyers

This programs Is good for you if you experience The Following:

  • Inconsistent Sales
  • Untrained Staff
  • Marketing Struggles
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Low Foot Traffic
  • Seasonal Slumps
  • Revenue Decline
  • Traditional Selling Exhaustion

  • Missed Opportunities
  • Outdated Strategies
  • Weak Brand Recognition
  • Revenue Fluctuations
  • Low Tourist Engagement
  • Poor Online Presence
  • Market Saturation
  • Stagnant Growth 
  • Client Complaints
  • Niche Neglect
  • Unoptimized Services
  • Ineffective Promotions
  • Minimal Referrals
  • Underutilized Staff
  • High Competition
  • Poor Client Retention

WHO is this program good for?

  • Owners and Managers who are keen on transforming their establishments into sought-after destinations for travelers. Whether you run a boutique spa or a larger wellness center, this program equips you with essential strategies to attract and retain tourism clientele, enhancing your spa's visibility and profitability
  • Entrepreneurs looking to establish and nurture strategic partnerships with key players in the travel industry such as travel agents, suppliers, management corporations, and trade companies. By forging strong alliances, you can tap into new customer bases and boost bookings, leading to sustainable business growth
  • Owners and Managers interested in offering specialized services that cater to the unique needs of travelers, from addressing health concerns related to travel to providing comfort solutions during flights. This knowledge enables you to position your spa as a comprehensive wellness destination that enhances the travel experience for visitors
  • Spa Salons Already Servicing Vacationers and interested in enhancing their services for traveler and their travel companions
  • Business Owners seeking to optimize their sales, marketing, and social media strategies specifically tailored to the travel industry. Learn effective techniques to promote your spa's offerings to a global audience, attract inbound tourists, and capitalize on seasonal and off-peak travel periods
  • Beauty Industry Professionals committed to continuous learning and skill development, aiming to expand their expertise in serving diverse travel demographics throughout the year. By acquiring new knowledge, you can adapt and innovate your spa's offerings, ensuring consistent revenue growth and customer satisfaction.
  • Beauty Company Owners aiming to expand their market reach and diversify revenue streams by integrating spa services tailored for travelers. Gain insights into leveraging travel-related trends and customer preferences to innovate product offerings and enhance brand appeal in the global tourism market

WHY is this program a must?

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: Position your spa as a reputable destination for wellness and relaxation among tourists, enhancing brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • Industry Insights: Gain insider knowledge on travel-related trends, customer behaviors, and market demands to stay ahead in the competitive spa industry
  • Continuous Growth: Equip yourself with skills to innovate and adapt your spa's offerings, ensuring sustained business growth despite seasonal fluctuations
  • Marketing Expertise: Acquire effective sales and marketing strategies to promote your spa effectively to global travelers, maximizing bookings year-round
  • Specialized Service Offerings: Develop tailored treatments for travelers, addressing their unique health concerns and comfort needs during and after travel
  • Strategic Partnerships: Master the art of forming alliances with travel industry stakeholders to amplify your spa's visibility and bookings
  • Unlock New Revenue Streams: Learn to attract and retain lucrative tourist clientele, diversifying your spa's income sources beyond local residents
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive advantage by implementing cutting-edge strategies and innovative services that cater specifically to travelers, positioning your spa as a leader in the tourism wellness sector
  • Industry Recognition: Earn recognition within the travel and wellness sectors as a destination of choice for tourists, solidifying your spa's reputation and attracting a steady flow of international clientele
  • Global Visibility: Enhance your spa's global visibility through effective marketing and strategic partnerships, attracting a diverse range of tourists and setting your business apart from local competitor
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Equip your spa with the flexibility to thrive in fluctuating market conditions and adapt to evolving traveler preferences, ensuring long-term sustainability


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As someone deeply familiar with the challenges of maintaining wellness while traveling, I've been in your shoes—eager to enhance traveler well-being but unsure where to start. Through trial and exploration, I've developed effective strategies to integrate wellness into travel experiences, transforming them into enriching journeys. Join me in the Travel Industry Confidence Program tailored for spa and salon managers. Let me share the insights and techniques I've gathered, empowering you to enhance guest wellness, attract more travelers, and elevate your spa's reputation as a top destination for holistic travel experiences.


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