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Finelle VIP Tours

Discover the artistry of beauty brands (yes, beauty companies!) on a luxurious wellness, travel, and beauty VIP tour, where we unveil the secrets behind leading beauty companies, introduce you to new and captivating destinations, offer personalized indulgences, and elevate your well-being across 10 dimensions of wellness. Immerse yourself in our thoughtfully curated schedule, featuring awe-inspiring destinations that promise to transform your wellness into a VIP experience. Click the button below to express your interest in our upcoming VIP escorted tour

Finelle VIP Tours with Edyta Satchell


Our next 2 destinations: Krakow, Poland and Dubai, UAE 

Embark on a week-long escapade of pure luxury with Finelle VIP Tours®, where we'll unravel the secrets of a fresh perspective on your health, wellness, and beauty—key ingredients for your overall well-being and success. From top-notch transportation to lavish accommodations and insights from industry maestros, these transformative experiences promise lasting change and empowerment.

The real showstopper?
A backstage pass to the world of beauty brands, where you'll discover the magic behind product creation – from manufacturing to packaging, ingredients, colors, and more. Plus, one lucky person will snag a beauty basket loaded with fabulous products!

Join us for an adventure that's not just educational but also a whole lot of fun. It's where education meets experience in the most glamorous way!

What To Expect

  • ​Indulge in a week of Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Snacks that not only nourish your body but also delight your taste buds
  • ​Explore Resources for Improving Nutrition On the Go and At Home, ensuring you maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you're on the move
  • Glam up with Makeup Tutorials hosted by Real Makeup Artists, adding a touch of professional magic to your beauty routine
  • ​Dive into A Comprehensive Overview of Prominent Beauty Brands, uncovering the secrets and stories behind your favorite products
  • ​Enjoy A Complimentary Collection of Product Samples, because who doesn't love a little beauty swag?
  • ​​Seize opportunities to Win Luxury Beauty Kits, with one lucky participant walking away with an exclusive assortment of indulgent products
  • ​Take advantage of Exclusive Shopping Opportunities Designed to Help You Save, because looking fabulous shouldn't break the bank
  • ​Build meaningful Relationships With Fellow Health and Wellness Focused Travelers, creating connections that last beyond the journey
  • Gain in-depth Travel Tips and Takeaways Designed to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best, ensuring you're always on top of your wellness game
  • And so much more awaits Where Beauty Meets Travel® – join us for an unforgettable blend of glamour and well-being!

Finelle VIP Tours® Provide a Full Scope Education in the Following Areas

Destination Delights:
Uncover the scoop on your dream locales – everything from local climates and time zones to the nitty-gritty of the weather.

Pre-Flight Prep:
Get the 411 on preparing for your journey, covering customs, cross-border quirks, medical must-haves, and essential documents.

Culture Quest:
Dive into the heart of each destination with insights on local culture, arts, crafts, and the unique vibes that make every place special.

Covid Chronicles:
Stay in the know with Covid-19 and other vaccination requirements and keep your travel health and wellness game strong.

Jet Lag Jamboree:
Discover the secrets to avoiding jet lag and all the tricks to survive those tricky time zone changes.

Contamination Combat:
Navigate contamination zones like a pro and learn the ins and outs of staying clean and healthy on the go.

Lounge Life Lessons:
Navigate the airport lounge scene with our do’s and don’ts guide, and master key strategies to save on those in-flight cocktails.

Culinary Quest:
Savor the local cuisine and beverages, unlock the mysteries of top-secret spices, herbs, and superfoods, and explore how your diet can groove with changing climates.

Nutrition Know-How:
Dive into the world of nutrition, including water, vitamins, and supplements, ensuring you're fueled up and ready to roll.

Beauty Breakdown:
Decode beauty products' ingredients, get an insider’s look at how they're crafted, and discover the 1:1 on packaging.

Skin Secrets:
Understand how changing climates impact your skin, and get the lowdown on product demos, overviews, and testing.

Travel Tactics:
Ace your travel game with smart packing, airport security do’s and don’ts, and the essential documents for a seamless journey.

Glow Getter Guide:
Unveil the beauty routine that keeps you radiant before, during, and after travel – because fabulous skin is always on trend.

Pack your bags – the ultimate adventure awaits!


If you are looking for unique experience for your key employees, you are in the right place! We have 20 years of the travel industry experience. 

In the pursuit of team greatness, Finelle VIP Tours® is your ticket to a shared adventure of balance, collective health, and triumphs! Forget the mundane – we're here to infuse your employees journey with fun, energy, and a dash of glam.

Picture this: You and your team basking in the glow of crafting your unique foundation for health, wellness, beauty, and an unstoppable vibe that propels you towards those corporate victories. We're not just talking guidelines; we're talking about creating a lifestyle that makes you look and feel invincible.

With a sprinkle of nutrition magic, game-changing healthy habits tailored for busy jet-setters, and a whole lot more, we're on a mission to capture your team's unique identity. Together, let's concoct results that not only bring your team closer but also catapult your bottom line to places you never dreamed possible.

Our Finelle VIP Tours® aren't a one-size-fits-all affair – oh no! We custom-tailor the experience to seamlessly blend into your corporate world. Think key focus areas, corporate goals, and the vibrant personalities that make your team tick. We'll even crunch the numbers on time spent, session frequency, and attendee needs to whip up the perfect package just for you.

Get ready to redefine corporate camaraderie – the Finelle way and contact us to learn more about our unique retreats!

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