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Elevate Your Media Strategy!

Proven Approach To Over 40 TV Interviews Without Spending A Penny On PR Or Ads

Unlock The Keys To Television Success

Wondering about the expenses associated with hiring a PR team or securing a single TV appearance?
Curious about the financial investment needed for a consistent presence on television?

​The answer: It should cost you nothing!

Become your own PR agent with Edyta Satchell

Edyta, the founder and CEO of Finelle and Satchelle Global, a seasoned professional and a small business owner, shares her journey of securing over 40 TV interviews in the US and globally (including the UAE and Australia) within the first 8 months—all without spending a penny on PR agents or leveraging connections. Starting with no prior media contacts, she has transformed into a sought-after figure, with TV stations actively seeking her expertise.

In this comprehensive program, learn the strategies that propelled Edyta to TV success. Witness her media presence on TV and in various publications through an exclusive Media page. Unlock the intricacies of TV interviews with an exclusive behind-the-scenes walkthrough, providing a thorough understanding of the process, key figures, optimal timing, and strategic insights.

This program offers valuable tips, tricks, and efficient strategies to expedite your journey while avoiding unnecessary delays. If you've ever aspired to showcase your business on the small screen but face budget constraints, this course is indispensable for you.

Edyta Gave Over 40 TV Interviews And Never Paid for PR. Here Are Some Of Them. View More Here.

It's A Must-Have Program For Business Owners Who Want More

Become Your Own PR Manager

Two Program Options One Goal... to get you on TV without spending a penny on PR

Self-Study Online Program

Group Coaching Program


  • Online course (Value $2,500)
  • FAQ Online Recording (Value $500)
  • 5 monthly group live FAQ sessions with Edyta (Value $500)
  • BONUS 1: My Real XYZ That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)
  • BONUS 2: My Real Media Bio That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)
  • BONUS 3: My 2 Real Pitches That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)​


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  • Online course (Value $2,500)
  • FAQ Online Recording (Value $500)
  • 5 monthly group FAQ sessions with Edyta (Value $500)​
  • BONUS 1: My Real XYZ That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)
  • BONUS 2: My Real Media Bio That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)
  • BONUS 3: My 2 Real Pitches That Got Edyta On TV 40 Times ($250 Value)​                                      ​                           PLUS    ​                     
  • 5 Weekly group coaching masterclasses (Value $2,500) 
  • Access to the Vault with previous groups coaching recordings, unseen videos and more content (Value $2,000)
  • 2 Sessions 1:1 with Edyta (Value $500)


What to expect...

  • Deconstruct Edyta's most successful media PITCH, which secured 4 TV interviews (from just 1 pitch)
  • ​Write media PITCHES that will get you on TV
  • ​Identify the elements of the perfect media PITCH
  • In-depth guidance on crafting a concise and impactful media BIO for memorable introductions
  • ​Edyta's XYZ formula for creating a succinct one-sentence INTRODUCTION, easily delivered within 15 seconds
  • Behind the scenes look to learn what TV is really all about
  • ​Discover all the things that PR agents WILL NEVER tell you
  • Understand that ONE thing that you need to get on TV
  • ​Steps to get on TV WITHOUT spending any money
  • Debunk the MYTH that you must hiring a PR agent​
  • PR techniques that ALWAYS work and are free
  • ​Understand who is WHO and who is not right for you
  • ​Find the RIGHT point of CONTACT
  • ​Create a MEDIA CALENDAR to send the right pitch at the right time
  • ​Define the top 20 LIST of the right media outlets
  • ​Follow simple techniques to improve your VISIBILITY
  • ​Understand social media do's and don'ts
  • ​Understand the right TIMING
  • ​Prepare for the TV interview - what to say, wear, do
  • ​Create a list of TOOLS you need to get on TV - you need less than you think
  • ​Find the right media OUTLET
  • ​And many more - we always add new content and tools 
How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell
How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell
How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell
How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell
How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell

This programs Is good for you if you Are...

  • Business owner or an expert in your field
  • ​You have limited or no budget for PR
  • ​Want more exposure
  • Grow your business faster
  • ​Build credibility
  • ​Showcase your expertise on TV

  • Want to understand what TV is all about 
  • ​Want to learn how TV works 
  • Teach your team how to get you on TV
  • ​Write your own pitches successfully
  • ​Build your TV producers list
  • ​Stay on top of TV producers mind
  • Safe time
  • Safe money on PR agencies
  • ​Safe money on copywriting
  • Showcase your business on TV 
  • ​​Become the go-to-person for your expertise
  • ​Become the looked-after-expert 


What others are saying about This Program

Melita Martin Radtke, Travel Agency Owner

Julia Noya Amaya , Spa Salon Owner

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As a business owner, I understand the challenges of wanting more PR for your brand but not knowing where to begin. I've been in your shoes—I desired increased visibility but didn't know the first steps. Through trial and error, I navigated the world of media outreach, eventually securing over 40 TV appearances in a short span. If I can do it, so can you. Let me guide you through the strategies and insights I've gathered along the way to help elevate your business through impactful PR.


How to get on TV course by Edyta Satchell
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