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"Glam and Go: Boosting Sales for Beauty Pros With Traveling Clients!

Wonder how? It is NOT what you think!"

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Beauty Professional,
3 Reasons why this Masterclass is for you

Attention beauty professionals!

Travelers seek you as essential partners on their journeys. Beyond enhancing looks, your expertise brings rejuvenation and confidence, ensuring travelers feel and look their best, making your services indispensable for a holistic travel experience!

#1 Certificate

Get certified!
Become a certified traveler wellbeing beauty professional to get more clients faster

#2 Grow rev

Grow sales all year long!
Learn how to triple retail and double your service sales with ease (results may vary)

#3 Services

Create packages for travelers!
Learn how to create packages targeting travelers to grow sales all year long 

So, if you think that you know how to service travelers, THINK TWICE!

This webinar is perfect for you, if you want to...


  • ​Stress and anxiety
  • ​The business decision fatigue 
  • ​Revenue losses
  • ​Staying stagnant
  • ​The feeling you have to have your guard up all the time 

Prepare for...

  • ​New services
  • ​Unexpected revenue growth
  • ​More happy and loyal clients
  • ​Retails & service sales growth
  • ​Not slowing down and growing your business

Learn how to...

  • ​Innovate
  • ​Grow revenue all year long
  • ​Service a new client type
  • ​Stay ahead of competition
  • ​Create new packages
  • ​Use new selling techniques


Hi, I'm Edyta!

Calling all beauty professionals who are passionate about supporting travelers and boosting sales through wellness services! Join me for an exclusive Masterclass tailored just for you. I understand the challenges of busy, health-conscious travelers and how essential it is to provide services that eliminate stress, anxiety, and body pains when they travel. And that's the reason why they need you before, during and after travel!

If you think you don't have any travelers in your database, Think again! If you think you've mastered servicing travelers? Think again!! I have been working with beauty professionals who used to believe the same until they discovered the pitfalls of the way they were thinking about travelers and their needs – a major travel faux pas!

If you're serious about enhancing the well-being of your clients and growing your sales in the process, this free Masterclass is a must. Act fast – this intimate session is limited to 10 special individuals who are committed to elevating their business to the next level, staying ahead of the game, and building something that will blow your and you traveling clients' mind! 

Be that special someone! Register now for an exclusive opportunity to receive personal support. Can't wait to see you there!

And here's why you can trust me:
My credibility: I have been working in the travel industry for over 20 years and know everything travel! I was the frequent travelers who frequently got sick during travel and needed you, but I have never received any help! Therefore, I created programs for beauty professionals who want to grow sales by supporting travelers. I speak and educate thousands of beauty professionals at various beauty industry conferences and events all over the world!
My authority: As a Certified Health Coach, I've crafted bulletproof wellness programs for travelers and shared my expertise in over 40 TV interviews. they know they need you and now, you need to know that you can help them! Check out my intro video now!


Tired of waiting? Check out Edyta's latest book to get started now!

Beauty And The Travel Beast Book

It's perfect for you if you want to understand who travelers really are and create strategies to support them!

  • ​Discover over 20 secrets to looking and feeling 10 years younger when people travel.
  • ​Eliminate the Ugly Truth about travel: bad breath, frequent gas, fatigue, excess body weight, puffiness, aging and other things no one wants to talk about.
  • ​Create a Youthfulness Itinerary for every trip they take... it is NOT what you think!

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